About Us


Who are we ?

The feeling of sharing a beautiful secret is sacred. Its universal and its poetic. Most of us are currently seeking a closer connection to the Earth and the Nature through immersive experiences and a desire to rejuvenate naturally. This approach to life and living has encouraged in creation of this brand “LEAF SOUL”. LeafSoul has its foundation deeply rooted in the ethics and philosophy of Ayurveda that has been handed down through ancient classical texts. We subscribe to Ayurveda’s codified system of nature based healing, harnessing the potency of organic and natural botanicals. Seeking to create harmony and balance between the mind, body and the soul.

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Modern lifestyle is demanding and complicated. We are constantly being pushed to our extreme limits. Somewhere in this journey we forget that we are in charge of our health, mind and soul’s wellbeing. At times we are awakened to subtle nuances in the way we live, but we find no answer to the question of what we do if such is the case.At Vedicmeds Ayurveda we try to find an answer to this question. We strongly believe on the Ayurvedic principle of food as medicines and skincare as akin to skin food. At Vedicmeds Ayurveda we value YOU. We promise you products with superlative ingredients, sourced responsibly and harnessed at the peak of their potency.Our aim at Vedicmeds Ayurveda is to put our organisation as one of the most advanced and successful institution of Ayurveda globally.

What we do?

Vedicmeds was jointly founded in 2009 by Dr. Arun Kheria, Ayurvedic Consultant, M.D. (Medicine) and Ms. Saswati Dutta, Technical Advisor, Masters in Technology, ISO/OHSAS to spread Ayurveda and its methodology of treatment and lifestyle to masses in a contemporary fashion. Vedicmeds Ayurveda is on a mission in taking Ayurveda and its principles of living and lifestyle to as many people and touch their lives with the healing hand. We are on a constant pursuit to help you discover your health, purpose, contentment and connection.

In our wonderful journey of last eleven years, we have travelled length and breadth of this rich country to meet people, heal them and understand them through infinite wisdom from ancient literature. We are a team of a dedicated Ayurvedic Doctors, Naturopaths and Dietitians making an attempt to bring time- honored remedies for different diseases, health conditions to suit the contemporary living and lifestyle. Currently under the guidance of Dr. Arun Kheria we are operating clinics and giving online Ayurvedic consultation globally though multimedia. We have our own in-house pharmacy where we manufacture our products through series of researches before bringing them to our customers. We take a pride in our accomplishment of treating thousands of patients through various research centers and clinics. No treatment is complete till the time the patient comes back with a smile and is ready to lead his life without any external medicinal support. We ensure that we correct the lifestyle and food habits of our patients where ever it is required. To maintain their lifestyle we have our online store where the non prescribed medicines are easily and readily available to people who needs them. Ensuring their good health is our responsibility.

We are committed and aware that Quality is a precondition for the success of organisation and a key to competitiveness and productivity. Constant Innovation for improvement is a continuous process. All our products in Vedicmeds Ayurveda are research based and have undergone clinical trials under the supervision of Ayurvedic Doctors who checked every product of sample for quality control and analysis and that ensuring best Ayurvedic products send to our customers. The entire Manufacturing process is controlled by highly qualified & experienced Ayurvedic pharmacists and doctors.

In Vedicmeds Ayurveda our partners, doctors, members and staff pursue all tasks with objective of accomplishing them in a superior way. We are unmatched in the industry for-our quality consciousness, sincerity towards fulfillment of Business Commitments and take our customer-care and after-sale service seriously as we focus more in building relationships rather than merely making business.

Our Vision

Our award-winning treatment line and range of therapeutic products diagnose the doshas and identifies where you are out of balance based on which we prescribe medicines, dietary recommendations and lifestyle practices. Deriving its name from Vedic and Medicine Vedicmeds Ayurveda’s range of aesthetic and therapeutic products contain the right formulation in the right dosage, offering effective remedies for a broad spectrum of ailments. We aim to address the cause of the disease and imbalance that promote a lasting change rather than quick fixes to suppress the symptoms as most of other medicine stream follow, which does more harm than good to a human body and mind. At Vedicmeds Ayurveda we are constantly trying to grow consciousness towards natural, clean, organic healthcare.All of our products are 100 percent Ayurvedic, Organic and sourced through great efforts and developed with great care and accuracy. We believe that for the external to be beautiful, the internal must be in balance. Our way of treatment is Ethical, and Ecological.

At Vedicmeds Ayurveda we resonate everything that we hold as doctrine of our brand and have made an attempt to revive this age old rich tradition and present it to our new-age consumers.
Come and celebrate this unique and wonderful gift of our ancestors to us and spread it to the world for a disease and stress free race of the human beings.